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We are an architecture visualization studio, based in Kiev - Ukraine. Marchenko & Novak Studio was founded by two architects Andrey Marchenko and Nikolay Novak, that fond their passion in creating high-end photorealistic architectural visualization and animation.


  • Still images. We produce high-end photorealistic exterior, interior and product CG images.  ​

  • Films. We produce a full animation creation cycle: from the concept and the sound series to the finished film.​

  • Interior design. We offer interior design solutions for property and product marketing.


Our principle is based on the understanding of the client's needs and artistic comprehension of the tasks we face. Expertise in various fields such as architecture, design, marketing, filmmaking, gives us the opportunity to create products that, in addition to performing their functions, carry depth and meaning, which, as a consequence, adds value to the entire project.


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